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                                                  Spec Manufacturers of Lubricants, Greases, Oils, Epoxy, Resins,
                                                  Hand cleaners, floor degreasers and high temp linings

                                                  Over 250 products being manufactured for the MRO use.

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Ramtec Products & Line Card


 COP-LUBE this formula has a high concentration of copper flakes in conjunction with special
synthetic carriers and inhibitors for protecting nuts, slides, lugs, grounding clamps, keys ad
keyways, pins, lamp sockets, pipe couplings, steam injection fittings, gaskets, flanges and
bolts up to 1800F. Copper Lube protects, lubricates and fights corrosion and at the same time,
enhances electrical conductivity. For use with all aluminum and soft metals. 

UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT is an all purpose lubricant/penetrating oil. Protects parts from rust
and corrosion, frees and lubricates frozen parts. This product can be sprayed in any position.
For nuts, bolts, auto, truck, boat, engines, tools, etc. available in 12 oz. aerosol and gallons

COP-PHITE LUBE is a copper and graphite compound, designed to lubricate and protect thread
connections and flanges at temperatures up to 1800F. It will withstand extreme low pressure
resistance. Cop-Phite Lube is water resistant and prevents seizing and gauling. Excellent corrosion
and rust protection. Part # 20302-16  

PENETRANT 2442  is a heavy duty, industrial strength fast acting penetrant. Quickly penetrates
and frees rust, scale and corrosion from nuts, bolts, tools, valves, joints, connects, etc. available
in 12 oz. aerosols

is another top of the line, molybdenum disuifide composite heavy duty
lubricant used for roller chains, hoist, conveyors, wire rope, chain, saws, etc. protect parts from
moisture and corrosion. Excellent water displacement action. Available in 12 oz. aerosols

NICK-LUBE provides excellent chemical resistance and is copper free. This unique formulation
makes a high quality, anti-seize lubricant, designed especially for maximum resistance, high
corrosion and temperatures of up to 2400F. Nickel Lube is composed of pure colloidal nickel
and graphite flakes in a superior suspension, with advanced synthetic petroleum carriers.
This product is recommended for chemical, waste water and sewage plants and equipment
 that requires an inert lubricant. 

MOLY SPRAY performs under pressures of up to 300,000 psi and temperatures from
–300F to + 750F. it forms a thin dry film of molybdenum disulfide which is an excellent
corrosion protection. Non-oily, non-sticky and will not cold flow, run or drip. For ovens,
kilns, chain cam rollers, furnaces, thread lubricant and metal forming lubricant. 12 oz. aerosols

POLY TET PIPE THREAD SEALANT - Part # 24003-3 is a superior grade, non-hardening,
heavy-duty pipe thread sealant that is easy to-apply. It is formulated to a thick paste
consistency, fortified with an extra amount of PTFE and PTFE materials to give a positive
seal with less effort. Because of its unique solids content, TET fills thread imperfections
and provides leak-proof joints that seal for the life of the connection.

AIR & TOOL SPRAY is specially formulated to be used as a cleaner, lubricant and a general
reconditioning coating for use in air operated power tools. Dissolves any clogging build up.
Eliminates calcium build-up in air tools. For use with drills, saws, sanders, cutters, scrapers,
etc. available in 12 oz. aerosols

SHD-SEAL STD - Part # 9300-50 is an excellent general-purpose pipe sealant that provides
an instant permanent seal that cures in the absence of air, locking threads securely

MOLY-B  is an extra tough, heavy duty, anti-seize lubricant, based upon an advanced
formulation consisting of graphite and molybdenum disulfide in an anti-corrosion, anti-rust
and water resistant carrier. Commonly used in oil refineries, electric powers/gas plants
and manufacturing facilities. Moly-B prevents seizing, galling and insures minimum
torque requirements and lubricates under pressure of up to an amazing 300,000psi.
excellent lubricant where copper contamination must be avoided. Use on nuts, bolts,
manifolds, connections, molding machines and casting equipments, presses and dies,
heat exchangers and slow moving bearings. 

LUBRITEX 2232 is a top quality, high pressure, aluminum, copper and graphite based,
anti-seize lubricant. Lubritec 2232 will protect all equipment up to 200F. Used on all nuts
and bolts, dies, chamrollers, motors, gears, shafts, valves, etc.

CUTTING "DP" COOLANT is used to produce cleaner cuts and smoother finishes while
lubricating and reducing friction. Designed as a coolant for drill bits, turret lathes, boring
and milling, sawing and threading. Available in 20 oz. aerosols

LUBRACUT 201 is the best cutting and tapping spray available. Its’ foaming action
transforms into a heavy oil that resists staining, runoffs and breakdowns. Avoids tool
breaking. For tapping, threading, sawing, cutting, boring, etc. 12 oz. aerosols

 NO-METALIC LUBE is a heavy duty, non-metallic anti-seize lubricant. This unique
formula contains a special blend of extreme pressure, water resistant, rust and
corrosion protective inhibitors. Highly acclaimed in refineries, petro-chemical plants,
steel mills, electric power plants, gas plants, etc. For applications on all nuts and bolts,
drills, gaskets, joints, sleeves, shafts, unions, keyways and slow moving dies. 

VACUUM METAL TO METAL Part # KS3033 - Transformer Pulling Vaccum Sealant, 32 oz can.

ALUMINA LUBE is the top of the line, aluminum and graphite based, anti-seize lubricant.
It contains no lead or copper. This product depolymerized and dissipates at temperatures
of 400F, without leaving any carbon residue, depositing a dry film of aluminum and graphite,
 to plate and protect temperatures up to 1800F. Use on bolts, ovens, keyways, keys,
unions, values, heat trolleys, kilns and any high temperature moving parts or equipments. 

TEFY LUBE (FOOD GRADE) this Teflon based, non-toxic, lubricant has been developed
as a food grade anti-seize lube and can be used in beverage factories, meat and poultry
plants candy factories, dairies, etc., incase accidental contact can occur. It can
withstand temperatures of up to 475F and has excellent anti-wear properties. Use
on all bolts, nuts, bearings, pulleys, gears, motors, food dicers or slicers and any moving
food processing equipment. Rated #1 in the English Industrial Magazine.

PARAFIN-STEARINE LUBE STICK - Size 4" Long by 1" Diameter used as a lubricant
penetrant for valve stems and various fasteners. 100 sticks per box. Part #6536


EPOXY XF-753 - High Strength, Chemical Resistant Epoxy Joint Compound, Sizes 16 OZ,
32 OZ or 64 OZ EA. Two part epoxy system.  Specifically designed for Fre Conduits & Fittings
and general conduit repairs.  12 per case. Part # XF-753. XF753 comes in a kit form of
gloves, mixing plate, mixers, ratio chart, DC-Cups, Dropper, cleaner)

FERRO METAL is a two part, steel rich repair epoxy. A solvent free and chemically
inert compound ideal for repairing, filling or building up all metallic surfaces. It can be drilled,
tapped or filed. Seal cracked castings, pipes, tanks, vessels and valves. Make metal dies,
resurface worn air seals and fill cavitated areas

TITA-METAL/CARBINE EPOXY is a two part, ferro silicone epoxy repair system.
With a compressive strength exceeding 17,500 psi, it can be used to repair scored hydraulic
 rams shafts, refit keyways, reseat bearing housings, rebuild aramature castings, repairs
threaded parts, restore tube sheets, repair engine blocks, impellers, valves and pump repair.

FAST SET FERRO METAL a fast version of Ferro Metal. Functional cure in 20 minutes.
Recommended for emergency repairs.

FERRO LIQUID  a pourable version of Ferro Metal Epoxy, this steel filled,
self leveling epoxy is recommended for casting into hard to reach areas, anchoring
and leveling, and forming molds and fixtures.

CERAPOLY BRUSHABLE is a two component, ceramic filled, smooth, high gloss, low
friction consistency epoxy repair system, used as a coating to protect against turbulance,
abrasion and cavitation. State of the Art formulation, Ceramic Brushable gives excellent
corrosion and wear to protect pump housings, fan housings, chutes, elbows and pumps.


RAM30 - Environmentally friendly leak detector for average temps from 30-60F

RAM70- Environmentally friendly leak detector for sub  freezing temps.

RAM44-  Environmentally friendly leak detector for freezing temps - 40F

Custom Spec'd leak detectors and mil-spec leak detectors are made by request.


DRI-CLEAN 200 is a non-conductive, quick drying, non-corrosive, non-staining, rapid
evaporating, safety solvent degreaser and electric motor cleaner. It has been designed
efficiently to remove grease and oil from parts and equipment. Clean while equipment is
operating. DRI-Clean 200 has excellent dielectric strengths of up to 32KV. Use on generators
and alternators, printing equipment, auto parts, hand and power tools, engines, motors, etc.
excellent for all types of industrial applications. Available in 16 oz. aerosols, 1 and 5 gals.

BIO-ORANGE CLEAN is a bio-degradable, quick penetrating, non-corrosive and non-standing
citurs based degreaser. Citra Clean will remove tough grease, oils, dirt, grime, and tar with ease.
This product contains no CFCs has a neutral PH and deodorizes while it cleans. For use on
concrete, tables, glass, mirrors, masonry surfaces, tile, etc. Bio-Orange is environmentally
safe and can be used anywhere. This product is available in 15 oz. aerosols.

SHIN-EEZ GLASS & SURFACE CLEANER (Part # 430093-18 ) is a ready-to-use water-based
blend of ingredients specially formulated to clean, brighten, and polish glass surfaces without
streaking or fogging. SHIN-EEZ GLASS & SURFACE is a state-of-the-art formula that is simply
the very best glass and appliance cleaner.  Features and Benefits. Cuts through air-pollution
 film, oil, bugs, and grime.  Gets surfaces clean, bright, and streak free.  Penetrating foam
helps lift out dirt. Bio-Freindly.
CRYSTAL "202" SHINE (Glass Cleaner) is a high quality, water based, streak-free glass
and appliance cleaner. Excellent for dissolving oil and other residues. 202 leaves a smooth
, streak free, dust repellent, spotless coating. Once only commercially available, this
product is currently being used by major U.S hotels, motels, various commercial and
industrial institutions. Use on glass surfaces-windows, mirrors, windshields and TV Screens.
 Excellent for porcelain, formica, ceramic, tiles and plastics. 202 is available in 18 oz.
aerosol and 6 quart case with sprayer attachment.

ALL-PURPOSE KLEEN is another top quality, water based, foaming, quick penetrating
cleaner. It is made with an advanced deep cleansing formula to remove lipstick, hard dirt,
grease, grime, etc. this product can be used anywhere without harming the surface.
Use on floors, walls, glass, tables, tile, porcelain, vinly tiles, painted surfaces, metals, etc.

RUB-KLEEN 707 is a super duty, non-petroleum based, water-less hand cleaner available in
smooth and grit based formula.  Cut through tough stain, grime and dirt build up on hands.
Available in 16oz, 1 gallon and 5 gallon drums.